Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That much closer (pinching thumb and index finger together, barely touching)...

Hello everyone,

Well, by this time next week, I'll be halfway through our first official open week of business. A lot of progress to talk about, though AND still a lot of things to sort through before then as well. Unfortunately, the office did look neat and tidy. My cousin Pam stopped over her Christmas break and cleaned most of the office...and then more shipments and equipment got installed, so it's now back to an unsightly mess (Sorry, Pam.). However, I promise, pictures of the finished (and cleaned) product will be taken and posted for all to see. I'll even compare "before" and "after" photos, which will be fun top see the drastic difference.

The tedious and most boring part of entering all frame and contact lens information that I will be offering has been completed, thank goodness!!! Entering lens styles and coatings still need to be completed, but that can get done in an evening. Also, with Laura's father's help, all of the eyeglass frames have been tagged and ready to go up on the walls, which will happen as soon as the track and pendant lighting is completely installed, which should be completed tomorrow. Once all of the 550+ frames and sunglasses are up on the board, then some major cleaning is in order to get all of the contractor dust and dirt out of here!

I've also written a press release that I'll be sending to the local papers for some hopeful coverage of the practice opening. I'll also be advertising by postcards, newspaper ads, billboards and a local and online grassroots campaign. But you know what? The ABSOLUTE BEST advertising is word-of-mouth. So open your mouths--friends, family, acquaintances, previous patients--and tell everyone you know by every means possible that Dr. Weaver and Weaver Eye Care Associates is "where it's at."

Take care,
Dr. Weaver

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