Monday, December 6, 2010

Office progress update...12.06.10...

Hello again, everybody! Things are steamrolling right now with the build-out phase of the office. All of the flooring is installed, along with the majority of the cabinets. Everything looks really good, and I can't wait to get in there and open doors for business. We're still shooting for December 20th, but we'll see about the optical furniture, computer network, phone system and equipment installation. It could be done...

Depending on the employee search for an optician, I may also be looking for a front desk staff person as well. I will keep you informed on the status of that decision, and look for ads in the Reading Eagle, The Merchandiser, Facebook and online. As much I was hoping Craigslist would be cooperative, for some reason, it is not listing any of the help wanted ads that I create. If I get one to successfully post, I'll include the link on here, but right now, it's on my "naughty list."

Promotional materials and some optical supplies were ordered today. Still need to order more, as well as inventory all my darn frames (500+). I'm going to try to rope Laura or Kaylee to help with that one, we'll see how it goes... are recent photos of the office interior from today, 12/6/10.

Above is the carpet installed in the reception/waiting area and the optical department. A second coat of paint still needs to go up, as well as the base board, which will be added after the reception desk and optical furniture is installed.

 Here is the entryway to the business office. The wood looks shiny, but that's just from the flash from the camera. The cabinets need handles installed. The second pic shows the optical lab from the optical sliding window because we didn't want anyone to be disappointed if they tried to order any Chicken McNuggets with the top-of-the-line AR. The third photo is the interior of the optical lab. The shelving on the counter was not installed to make more room for the workspace.

 The first photo here is a bit of the lounge area, showing the flooring and cabinets now installed. The second is one of the exam rooms, with the wall cabinet yet to be hung on the wall. The third is from the back exam room, looking down the hall towards the front of the office.

The bathroom now has a functioning sink and toilet, along with ceramic tile as well. The second photo is from the back-most corner of the optical department looking into the reception area and the front windows.

So, the next few weeks are going to be CRAZY busy, finding employees, ordering supplies, calling people, filling out forms, faxing forms, dealing with insurance companies...I won't bore you with the mundane. But this will all be worth it once I open my doors, which I am very excited to do.

I realized this today, but it really feels "right" with opening this practice. Today, I met a rep at the office, and while I was there, the UPS guy dropped off a package...and I just felt this sense of calm around me, despite all of the craziness going on. I can't really describe it other than it was a good feeling, and although I'm not open yet, I'm glad that I made this decision to offer my professional services to Bernville residents, Berks County, old and new patients...pretty much anyone who seeks me out.

Anyway, I have some Christmas shopping that desperately needs to get done, as well as decorating. So keep in touch.

Dr. Weaver

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