Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reading Eagle Article! And the first day seeing patients went...

...surprising well! It seems that I'm doing some task every waking moment, and while I'm doing that task, there is another issue or question that arises that sidetracks me from the initial task. But I'm getting through it, and everything gets ironed out as you do it; there's no other way around it, and you learn how to do things and then try to make those things easier/faster/better.

For the first day of seeing patients, the experience was completely awesome! It was nice to be able to take time with each patient to be as thorough as I wanted, and to also have time to get to know the patients and talk about things not related to the eye. It was also satisfying helping patients out with their selection of frames and lenses personally, so that I know right way that they're getting the best.

The other excellent item of the week is my coverage in the Reading Eagle's Money section today, Thursday January 6, 2011. You may also hit the link to find it online and check out that nice, handsome man on the main page! :)

I'm working in Lititz today, but I'll be back in the office tomorrow (on Friday), hoping that the voicemail message box has a zillion messages from people who may have missed me the past several months. I know that it's going to take some time to build the practice, but I have many thanks to Karen Miller from The Reading Eagle for writing the article, which, I know, will help out tremendously at this early stage. Thank you, Karen.

Dr. Weaver

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