Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy One Week Anniversary, Everybody!!!

Yes! Has it been that long already? Oh my goodness, how time flies! Our doors have been open a little more than a week, but our first day of seeing patients was last Wednesday (1/5/11) and I just can't explain in words how great it feels to finally do what I've always wanted to do: taking time with patients, making sure the patients' needs are completely met, personally recommending eyeglass frames, materials and the latest technology in anti-reflective coatings, polarization, transition lenses, etc. For a start-up, I've been pretty busy seeing patients. It's an amazing feeling having someone walk in the door, either a former patient or a new patient, and giving them the tour of the place to make them feel welcome. I'm taking care of business and having fun doing's a great combination.

Mixed in with patient appointments are many meetings with reps from labs, distributors, vendors, salespeople and making lists of things I still need to get; my days definitely fly. Educating staff is also fun for me, as I get to share tidbits to make things better and to gain feedback in order to make it better as well. It goes both ways.

The exam room equipment is running nice and I'm glad I went with electronic medical records and a computerized setup at the outset. No searching for charts. Check-in and check-out is getting be more smooth. I may need to modify patient forms to quicken the process, but then again, I'm seeing all new patients, so the forms are a must for the first visit. The HRTII is completely setup for glaucoma management, as well as the anterior segment digital camera (takes pictures of the front of the eye). I'm waiting on another adjustable table, and then need to setup the digital retinal camera and visual field equipment to make my testing nirvana complete!

I know that I'm overdue with final photos of the place, but I'm waiting on a logo to be made for behind the front desk. Once that's up and all the equipment is running, I promise you'll get your photos. But if you really, really, REALLY want to see, just stop on by and I'll be glad to give you the tour. I'll also be posting videos on YouTube soon, as well.

Take care,
Dr. Weaver

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