Thursday, January 27, 2011

First month of business is almost at a close. New insurance list...

Hello everyone,

The private optometry practice is everything that I knew it could be. It's exciting giving new patients a tour of the office, showing them all the fancy-schmancy equipment and taking care of their eyes, as well as assisting them with their eyeglass and contact lens needs. I know that I promised pictures of the final product (a long time ago), but I'm waiting on the logo design for behind the reception desk to make the place look ultra-nice before I start taking snapshots. You are, of course, welcome to see it in person beforehand...

I'm getting a handle on the frame-board management, finding out the frames that work (and those that don't), making sure I have a nice selection for the varying tastes of Berks county residents...and I'm sure it will get easier once time goes on. Having electronic medical records and a computer practice management software does make everything easier: keeps inventory accurately, don't have to spend more than 10 seconds searching for a patient's chart. The initial scanning of the paper documents is tedious and time-consuming, but to be "paperless," it has to get done. Other than that though, having a networked computer system for the office is awesome. The next step is to get the pre-testing and diagnostic equipment linked to the network...but baby steps.

Medical Health Insurance Plans that WECA takes:

Berkshire Health Partners (BHP, PPHN, RHP/BRHN, BHP/VP)

Capital Blue Cross (CBC Traditional, CBC PPO, CBC Senior, CBC Security, CBC Special Care, Keystone Health Plan Central (HMO), SeniorBlue HMO, SeniorBlue PPO)

EHP and EHP/Significa

Geisinger Health Plan (Geisinger, Geisinger Gold, Geisinger Health Options, Geisinger Choice with Referral, Geisinger Choice without Referral)

Highmark Blue Shield (BCBS EPO, BCBS PPO, BCBS Traditional, ClassicBlue, DirectBlue, EPOBlue, FreedomBlue PPO, MedigapBlue, PPOBlue, PPOPlus, ShortTermBlue, SpecialCare)

Highmark Blue Shield -- Federal Employee Program

Independence Blue Cross (Keystone Health Plan East, Keystone 65, Personal Choice, Personal Choice 65)

United Healthcare

Pending is Aetna, Cigna, and Health America

Vision Insurance Plans that WECA takes:

EyeMed (all Access plans)

Vision Benefits of America (VBA)

Pending is VSP

The Reading Eagle newspaper article really helped out as far as getting the word out about the practice. I know that the word-of-mouth is spreading, especially in Bernville. So if you live outside of Bernville, please drop a hint that you know of this amazing eye doctor just a short ways north on Rt. 183, past the scenic Blue Marsh Lake in Jefferson Township. The advertising must continue, so the next step is print advertising and postcard mailers to get my name, practice location, information and logo out for more to see.

Here's hoping that 2011 is a spectacular year and the start of something great!

Take care,
Dr. Weaver

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Hello everyone,

Here's a copy of the press release I sent out to the media last night. If you see it in print, remember, you saw it here first.


“Make an Eye Exam Part of Your New Year's Resolutions—January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month”

BERNVILLE, PA – Eat fewer sweets. Watch less television. Quit smoking—the New Year’s resolutions people choose often require subtracting something from their routine.

“We encourage you to add something to your list of resolutions in 2011: schedule an eye exam for yourself and your family,” said Dr. Brendon J. Weaver of Weaver Eye Care Associates in Bernville. “Regular, comprehensive eye exams ensure that patients can see clearly and comfortably, but the exam is also a tool in assuring that no adverse medical conditions are present, such as glaucoma.”

January is a month of  resolution-making, but it is also National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is an eye disease labeled as the “sneak thief of sight,” because as much as 40% of vision can be lost before glaucoma symptoms occur.

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, over 4 million Americans and over 700 million people worldwide have glaucoma. Half of those people are not even aware  they have the disease.

Dr. Weaver emphasized the importance of routine care in the case of glaucoma. “Early on in the disease, there are no symptoms or pain present, which is why it is extremely important to have regular eye exams. With glaucoma, vision loss  is gradual. By the time a patient may recognize something is wrong, the vision loss cannot be restored. Recognizing the disease and starting early treatment may slow down or halt any future vision loss caused by glaucoma.”

In accordance with National Glaucoma Awareness Month, Dr. Weaver is offering glaucoma screenings at his office in Bernville. These screenings are free and are available to anyone by calling the office phone number to make an appointment.

“Increasing age and a family history of glaucoma are risk factors for developing the disease,” said Dr. Weaver. “The screening will allow me to take a few measurements to calculate a patient's risk level and determine if they would require further testing and evaluation at our office. I hope that many people, in Bernville and the surrounding areas, take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get checked for glaucoma...especially  those who may have never had an eye exam.”

Dr. Weaver is a graduate of Elizabethtown College in 1999 and the New England College of Optometry in 2003. He has been providing eye care services to residents of Berks County since 2004. His new practice, Weaver Eye Care Associates, is located at 7185 Bernville Rd. (Rt. 183) in Bernville, across the street from Boyer's Food Market.

To schedule your free glaucoma screening, please call Weaver Eye Care Associates at (610) 488-5315. For more information about Dr. Weaver and the practice, visit


So, yes. I know that there are many people who may have never had an eye exam, or for some others, it may have been A WHILE. So, please call the office for a 15 minute glaucoma screening FREE of charge. There's no obligation of any kind, other than driving to Bernville.

Take care,
Dr. Weaver

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy One Week Anniversary, Everybody!!!

Yes! Has it been that long already? Oh my goodness, how time flies! Our doors have been open a little more than a week, but our first day of seeing patients was last Wednesday (1/5/11) and I just can't explain in words how great it feels to finally do what I've always wanted to do: taking time with patients, making sure the patients' needs are completely met, personally recommending eyeglass frames, materials and the latest technology in anti-reflective coatings, polarization, transition lenses, etc. For a start-up, I've been pretty busy seeing patients. It's an amazing feeling having someone walk in the door, either a former patient or a new patient, and giving them the tour of the place to make them feel welcome. I'm taking care of business and having fun doing's a great combination.

Mixed in with patient appointments are many meetings with reps from labs, distributors, vendors, salespeople and making lists of things I still need to get; my days definitely fly. Educating staff is also fun for me, as I get to share tidbits to make things better and to gain feedback in order to make it better as well. It goes both ways.

The exam room equipment is running nice and I'm glad I went with electronic medical records and a computerized setup at the outset. No searching for charts. Check-in and check-out is getting be more smooth. I may need to modify patient forms to quicken the process, but then again, I'm seeing all new patients, so the forms are a must for the first visit. The HRTII is completely setup for glaucoma management, as well as the anterior segment digital camera (takes pictures of the front of the eye). I'm waiting on another adjustable table, and then need to setup the digital retinal camera and visual field equipment to make my testing nirvana complete!

I know that I'm overdue with final photos of the place, but I'm waiting on a logo to be made for behind the front desk. Once that's up and all the equipment is running, I promise you'll get your photos. But if you really, really, REALLY want to see, just stop on by and I'll be glad to give you the tour. I'll also be posting videos on YouTube soon, as well.

Take care,
Dr. Weaver

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reading Eagle Article! And the first day seeing patients went...

...surprising well! It seems that I'm doing some task every waking moment, and while I'm doing that task, there is another issue or question that arises that sidetracks me from the initial task. But I'm getting through it, and everything gets ironed out as you do it; there's no other way around it, and you learn how to do things and then try to make those things easier/faster/better.

For the first day of seeing patients, the experience was completely awesome! It was nice to be able to take time with each patient to be as thorough as I wanted, and to also have time to get to know the patients and talk about things not related to the eye. It was also satisfying helping patients out with their selection of frames and lenses personally, so that I know right way that they're getting the best.

The other excellent item of the week is my coverage in the Reading Eagle's Money section today, Thursday January 6, 2011. You may also hit the link to find it online and check out that nice, handsome man on the main page! :)

I'm working in Lititz today, but I'll be back in the office tomorrow (on Friday), hoping that the voicemail message box has a zillion messages from people who may have missed me the past several months. I know that it's going to take some time to build the practice, but I have many thanks to Karen Miller from The Reading Eagle for writing the article, which, I know, will help out tremendously at this early stage. Thank you, Karen.

Dr. Weaver