Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I have a lot for which to be thankful, including family, friends and my health. I'm also thankful for the support with everyone close to me in supporting my decision to open up Weaver Eye Care Associates.

Right now, things are progressing rather quickly as of late. The exam room flooring and ceramic tile flooring should be installed very soon, with the completion of cabinetry and carpet installation to happen soon afterward. I'm also planning on having the optometric equipment delivered on Dec. 8th, with the optical furniture on Dec. 15th. So, depending on how smooth things go in the next few weeks, December 20th could potentially be my first day open for business. I'll be sure to let people know on Facebook, Twitter and online, as well as the traditional channels, such as newspaper, postcard mailings and billboards.


Above, you can see a bit of the back break room and the wall color and drop ceiling work.

The hole in the wall actually will look into the optical laboratory/contact lens room from the optical and reception area. The hallway shot is me standing in the back exam room, with doorways for the second exam room, pretesting and business office on the left, and restroom and optical lab on the right. Laura seems satisfied with Kaylee's inspection of the premises, either that or Kaylee saw something to her left that she's planning on picking up.

And here's a photo looking from the reception area, with the two wall colors on the adjacent walls. The reception desk will be in front of the dark-colored wall, and I'm thinking of having the practice name on this wall as well. There will also be pendant lighting hanging over the reception desk to be installed in the next few weeks. I told Kaylee to "smile for the camera," and she complied, showing off her 8 wonderful teeth. Then she wanted to make sure that everyone knew where the office sign was located.

So, as you can see there's a lot more preparation to take place, but we hope that stop buy to visit, either just to say "hello" or to request our professional eye care service to take care of your eyes. Keep in touch by giving us a call on our office line (610) 488-5315, or make sure to "like" our Facebook Weaver Eye Care Associates page for all of the latest updates.

Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Weaver

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